Goldman Sachs Unimpressed By Street Art Campaign


Late this spring, at the peak of Goldman Sachs-hating hysteria, stickers that parodied the bank’s logo—with the words “Gold In Sacks,” in place of the name of the wealthy, influential, and perceived to be dastardly bank—began appearing on mailboxes, walls, and wherever else viral stickers can be stuck. The stickering campaign seemed largely to be confined to New York, although one Flickrer snapped a picture as far away as Chicago. Unable to find the person behind the stickering campaign, Daily Intel reached out to Goldman Sachs, assuming that with their vast resources, government connections, and notorious penchant for exploiting every opportunity to make a buck, the bank would already have their squid tentacles wrapped around the perpetrator, or at least and have fired off a cease-and-desist letter, like they did last year to the founder of the website Surprisingly, they had not. “We’re not planning on taking any action,” Goldman spokesman Lucas van Praag told Daily Intel. “Although I think whoever is producing it gets a failing grade for originality.” The photos taken by various tourists and New Yorkers in our slideshow are pretty cool-looking, however.