Goldman Sachs Blocks Downtown Resident’s Access to Discount Footwear


Battery Park resident Tom Goodkind is very distressed that the outlet near Goldman Sachs's new HQ is closing down. He blames the bank and its employees, who do not suffer cheap footwear and who are replacing many of the area's current retail outlets with high-end restaurants and hotels.

"It appears that Goldman has no intention of replacing this retail tenant with one more attractive to the community," he griped at meeting of the area's community board last week. "This loss of space seems to break the promise [Goldman] made to our community. "

Oh, dear. Changes like this are always difficult, but we know eventually Tom will realize it's for his own good, and that one pair of nice shoes that you wear all the time is better than ten pairs you never wear because they pinch and/or have a weird T-strap that seemed like a better idea on the rack than in real life.

Goldman Sachs faces public anger over plan to replace shops with designer restaurants near HQ [Telegraph UK]