Avenue Capital’s Marc Lasry’s Daughter Is a Closet Bitch


People — not us, never us! — will probably scoff that without her father’s billions of dollars to indulge her, 18-year-old Emma Lasry would not have a song, “Closet Bitch,” a high-end music video for said song, or even a singing voice, seeing as in this, her debut, the aspiring pop-star’s vocals have been processed so thoroughly that they are basically the vocal equivalent of Cheez Whiz. Haters gonna hate. But who cares? “The song is really good,” the Avenue Capital Group CEO tells Deal Journal. “It’s a catchy tune.” And he’s not wrong. Anyway, hey, it’s summer.

Meet Emma Lasry: The Aspiring Mariah Carey of the Hedge Fund World [DealJournal/WSJ]