Hiram Monserrate Is Just Showing Up at Political Rallies Uninvited Now


Having been kicked out of the State Senate and having lost the subsequent special election to fill the seat, Hiram Monserrate is now running for the State Assembly. He's facing a foe, Francisco Moya, who is not only better funded and more firmly backed by the Queens Democratic establishment, but who also is not best known for getting arrested after slashing his girlfriend in the face. So maybe it's no wonder Monserrate's been reduced to trying to force his way into community events? From the Times:

He invited himself to a street renaming ceremony in Queens on a recent Saturday and managed to squeeze his way into photographs by holding on to a piece of rope dignitaries pulled to unveil the new sign honoring Corona’s Ecuadorean population. As the celebration wrapped up, one guest, State Senator José R. Peralta, hollered at him: "It's disrespectful, man! It's a disgrace to Ecuador." To which Mr. Monserrate fired back, "José, get a life."

Wait, this sounds like it could be a fun tradition. Can he interrupt a boat-christening ceremony next? Maybe by running up and smashing his own water glass against it?

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