If Harold Ford Runs for Office Again It’ll Be in New York, Unless It's in Tennessee


Though he sounds fairly certain that, should he ever run for office again, he'll do so in New York — because he is a total New Yorker now — Harold Ford Jr. also seems to be keeping his options open, according to a qualifier-laced interview with the Tennessean (bold ours):

If I do run for public office, I trust we are going to live here," Ford said in a telephone interview from New York. "If there is an elected political future, I suspect it will be here. I am not plotting a race or assembling a political team."

"I doubt that will happen," Ford said more pointedly of returning to Tennessee some time in the future to run for governor or U.S. Senate. "My wife and I still own a home in Memphis. As for a political future (in Tennessee), I don't see that for the short term at all."

As far as Ford can tell, he trusts the he would probably run here, in New York, at least in the short term, he suspects.

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