The Man Behind the Ground Zero Mosque Is Currently on a Mideast ‘Goodwill’ Tour


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the organizer of the planned Muslim community center in lower Manhattan (more widely known as the ground zero mosque), is on a taxpayer-funded sojourn through the Mideast to "spread goodwill," taper extremism, and evade queries about said mosque. He explained:

'This issue of extremism is something that has been a national-security issue - not only for the United States but also for many nations in the Muslim world. This is why this particular trip has a great importance.' ... The cleric also said he was working on a way to 'Americanize Islam,' but didn't offer any details.

Rauf is actually not quite basking in his proposed mosque's reflected fame: "Appearing in public for the first time in weeks, Rauf dodged questions about the uproar over his planned mosque and community center," the Post reports. Rauf's wife, Daisy Khan, was more open about all the clamor:

'Dropping the plan is definitely not an option at all,' she said, adding that organizers were consulting with American Muslim leaders on how to proceed. 'We know that we have the right to do this, but what is right for the larger community, or the larger good of the larger Muslim community?'

The Post says she "nixed" talk of moving the mosque, but this sounds more like, "We'll see."

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