Joe Biden’s Travel Curse


Motor vehicles in any way associated with Joe Biden have had some pretty bad luck over the past ten months or so. The most recent incident was last week in New York, when two NYPD motorcycles escorting Biden through Queens were involved in a fender bender. Last November, a police car shuttling Biden to The Daily Show slammed into a livery cab, while only a day before, a sheriff’s vehicle in Biden’s motorcade was hit by another car in Albuquerque. And a week before that, a Secret Service car sometimes used by Biden actually hit and killed a guy in Maryland. See the pattern here? This string of incidents continued yesterday, but in a more novel way. Biden’s Air Force II, while taxiing on the runway of a small Suffolk County airport, knocked over a “small private plane” with its jetwash (the wake of its engine). Nobody was inside the plane, but the left wing was damaged. We’re just saying, Biden needs to make amends with whatever magical gypsy witch he wronged sometime around last October.

Joe Biden’s Air Force 2 Plane in Incident at L.I. Airport [NBC New York]