Journal’s Susanne Craig Jumps to New York Times DealBook Section


Following in the recent footsteps of colleague Peter Lattman, star Wall Street Journal financial reporter Susanne Craig has switched teams and joined the New York Times. Her and Lattman’s recruitment is part of an effort by the Times to beef up their financial coverage and strengthen their online DealBook brand. Peter Goodman of the Washington Post has been brought in for the same purpose. It’s a symbolic expansion: As the Journal began deliberately stepping on the Times’ toes by adding its “Greater New York” section, the Times does the same by going after what the Journal does best. That they are stealing their rivals’ own reporters to do it has got to add an extra sting. (Though the Journal, somewhat uncharacteristically, is remaining polite about the defections. “We thank Sue for her years of great reporting,” a spokeswoman said today. “We wish her the best.”)

Susanne Craig leaving WSJ for the NYT [CJR]
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