Kelly Bensimon Asked for Advice on How to Become Famous


It's no secret that Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon has always yearned to be famous. "I wanted to put my name up there," she told Bazaar last year, of why she joined the reality show. "I was like, it's not enough for New York to know me. I wanted the rest of America to know me." And to get there, she apparently solicited advice from entertainment lawyer, and father of Lizzie, Allen Grubman. As he told the Journal this weekend:

"You know, Kelly Bensimon used to call me all the time and ask me, 'How do I become famous?'" he said.

Now. If she asked him, she must have asked other people the same thing. Which makes us wonder: Is Kelly Bensimon's whole DEAL the product of people reacting to that question with whatever popped into their head? Because if so, that almost ... makes sense. "Get arrested for abusing your boyfriend," we imagine Liza Minnelli saying to her in a martini haze. "Become the ambassador for wool," Isaac Mizrahi might have told her, just to be quirky. "Flash your vagine," said Paris Hilton. But Allen doesn't say what the advice he gave her was. Maybe he said, "Be in a car wreck, that'll get you on national television," but the connection was bad, and Kelly heard, "Be a car wreck on national television."