Last Night’s Sunset Was Indeed Special


Maybe you noticed the spectacular sunset over the NYC area last night and thought “Wow, what a great sunset!” Maybe you were one of the people who pulled over their cars to take pictures or just marvel at it. Maybe you were one of the many who tweeted about it. Or maybe, like some people, you noted the sunset and thought “I guess it’s like that every night and I should get out more.” Turns out it’s not like that every night: The sunset of August 18, 2010 was the most popular of the summer, possibly of the year. It even began, at least in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with a rainbow (though, being merely a single rainbow, it was basically useless. To quote one viewer: “That single rainbow made me want to throw up”).

Anyway, in case you missed it, or just want to relive the glory, Gothamist has provided a time-lapse video of the entire thing, along with a gallery of photos from every conceivable neighborhood. Enjoy.

Last Night’s Sunset (Now With Time Lapse) [Gothamist]