Lawsuit Alleges Bowlmor Used MySpace and Facebook to Weed Out Minority Customers

Photo: Photo by Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

Five former workers at Bowlmor Lanes in Union Square have filed a lawsuit against Strike Holdings, Bowlmor’s parent company. According to the lawsuit, one of the workers was told to scan social-networking sites to keep minority patrons from making reservations. The suit also alleges that the company wanted to prohibit customers from wearing baseball caps, sports jerseys, and oversize jeans. With bowling shoes? How déclassé.


Strike Holdings counsel Mercedes Colwin issued the following statement: “Strike Holdings is profoundly disappointed that a number of disgruntled employees terminated for purely legitimate reasons have made baseless and completely meritless accusations of discrimination. Strike Holdings is confident that it will be fully exonerated once all of the facts are presented in a court of law.”