Major Garrett to Leave Fox News


The face of Fox News in the White House, Major Garrett, has decided to leave the network after the start of September. He’ll return to print, he said, and the network announced he will be replaced by correspondents Wendell Goler and Mike Emanuel. “Throughout my television career, I’ve known with certainty I would someday return to my roots in print journalism. That day has come,” Garrett said. “I will soon announce an exciting new phase of my career — one made possible in no small part by FOX News’ consistent support. It would take a lot — something near perfection — to lure me away from the best job I’ve ever had. Details to come.” Even though the network has issued statements of praise for Garrett alongside his announcement, this news comes as a surprise. Garrett was really in his stride and had recently been moved up to the front row of the White House briefing room. Still, making that special Garrett-crafted expression of contempt and confusion every time Robert Gibbs answers a question has to start hurting your face after a while.