Maloney: Saujani Is Using ‘Karl Rove’ Tactics


Representative Carolyn Maloney seems pretty sick and tired of hearing from primary rival Reshma Saujani (who, we almost forgot to mention, had an entire Times article today written not about her, but about her shoes). For example, in a back-and-forth Daily News article posted this afternoon, Saujani says that her fellow Upper East Side Democrat has “questionable ethics” when it comes to fund-raising, and that “Maloney ranks at the bottom of our New York delegation, and I’m saying that on the record. And I think Carolyn Maloney represents the problem. We have in Congress, I think, a lot of mediocre representatives.” Maloney, who has out-fund-raised Saujani more than two-to-one, thinks this kind of attack deserves a response. “I think one of my strengths is that I’ve been independent and honest and right. She’s basically saying I’m a crook,” Maloney shot back. “It’s sort of a Karl Rove thing, where you attack the strengths.”

“Silk Stocking” Slugfest: Carolyn Maloney Vs. Reshma Saujani [NYDN]