Manhattan Judge Busted With ‘Massive Porn Cache’ on Work Computer


Manhattan judge James Gibbons resigned last week after a “nasty cache” of pornography was found on his work computer, the Daily News reports today. The criminal-court jurist, who is described as “whip-smart,” had also recently fathered a child with a Legal Aid attorney (which the News finds to be very suspicious). “There was a lot of porn on his computer — all young women,” a police source told the paper. “Lots of crotch and cleavage shots.” Hold on. Crotch and cleavage shots? Are we to believe there wasn’t even sex going on in these images? Let alone bizarre fetishes, like ones involving miniature horses? Because these days there are judges out there masturbating with penis pumps in court. How does this guy even make the headlines?

Manhattan Judge James Gibbons quits after massive porn cache is found on work computer [NYDN]