Marty Peretz Is Very Sorry He Sort of Slighted Liza Minnelli


Well, this has to be the best apology of the day. New Republic editor-in-chief and owner Marty Peretz yesterday quoted a Daily Beast column that criticized John McCain for hanging on to politics for too long and tarnishing his principles as a result. The column he quoted, by Tunku Varadarajan, compared McCain to performer Liza Minnelli — a comparison that Peretz included in his own post.

Today, we get an apology for this dreadful, awful, nearly deadly mistake:

Minnelli has been a talented singer and actress for several decades, and she still has the the warranted courage to perform. What's more, she is one of those paradigmatic entertainers who gives of herself — her ample brain and enchanting personality — in the cause of human rights, a cause not as popular as it once was was [sic].

As it happens, my movie director son, Jesse, cast her in his film of three years ago, "The X." I am biased: the film was very very good and so was Liza in it.

I am sorry for the grievous mistake ... which in a way was not mine. But I take responsibility.

And, by the way, what an exemplary private life she has had.

This actually came across as relatively earnest. Until the very last line, that is, which sort of seems like it can be translated to: "Fuck you, son, for making me write this horsecrap."

I apologize... [TNR]