Mike Tyson Says He Did Drugs Near, But Not On, Candidate’s Boat


Florida Senate candidate Jeff Greene is taking heat from his association with boxing champion and former addict Mike Tyson. The unpleasantness stems from a trip Tyson took with Greene aboard Greene's yacht, the Summerwind, around Europe in 2005. Greene's opponent's team has dug up interviews in which Tyson talked about doing drugs in some of the stops the boat happened to have made on that trip. Today in a rare interview with Politico, who says Tyson was "made available by the campaign," Tyson insists that his drug use was limited to terra firma, and that the drugs were never on the boat:

"Jeff had nothing to do with it," Tyson said Tuesday. "I didn't do drugs on the boat. I had a problem. I had just lost a fight. I was depressed. I was fighting for 20 years, I was finding out after 20 years I was broke. Jeff said, 'Come with me on the Summerwind.'

Tyson also credits Greene with taking him to, and paying for, the rehab stint that resulted in his sobriety. For good measure, Tyson is also now vegan.

I never did drugs on the boat [Politico]