Miley Cyrus to Be ‘Edgy’ in Movie Titled LOL

After UCLA doctors determined that Lindsay Lohan was misdiagnosed, Lohan is seeking an apology and compensation for her jail sentence. Donald Trump, meanwhile, would like to see her on Celebrity Apprentice. Two years after being convicted, Wesley Snipes is still managing to avoid his prison sentence. Despite being diagnosed with throat cancer, Michael Douglas refuses to delay the court battle over money with his ex-wife. Jay-Z is joining U2 on tour. And in her next movie, LOL, Miley Cyrus loses her virginity, smokes pot, flashes her Brazilian wax, and kisses two girls.

At the low-key Brazilian Sunflowers fund-raiser in the Hamptons , guests complained and the cops arrived when Samantha Ronson started spinning techno. Donna Karan and Christie Brinkley wore the same silver dress to the Heat Hamptons Benefit on Saturday, but luckily, the dress was “convertible,” so Karan added a sleeve and tightened a drape. But they still kept a safe distance from each other. Thanks to endorsement deals and his Jersey Shore salary, the Situation is set to rake in $5 million this year. After nearly eight years of marriage, Cheryl Hines and her husband filed for divorce. Rachel Uchitel is having an affair with Jeremy London, or so London’s estranged wife claims.

Bob Saget is dating a 25-year-old Playboy model. Despite reports that she had a breast augmentation, Elizabeth Hurley tweeted that she’s “still au naturel.” Bristol Palin is getting paid $14,000 to speak on behalf of single mothers. Levi Johnston filed papers to run for office in Wasilla. Though Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are getting divorced, and Pratt is threatening to sell the sex tapes they made, they’re still vacationing in Costa Rica together. Sigh.