Moe Tkacik to Washington City Paper


This morning, Yahoo! News’ Michael Calderone tweeted that Intel friend Moe Tkacik would be heading to the Washington City Paper to launch a blog. Tkacik told him she’d be writing “attention-snagging, icon-smashing features on the culture, characters, and economics of D.C.’s media and intellectual classes.” Naturally, that nabbed our attention, so we asked her to elaborate. “Basically [newish managing editor Mike Madden, and newish editor Mike Schaffer and I] think media coverage is overly focused on (alleged) personality, celebrity, search engine optimization type stuff, and we want to cover those same people with an eye to what they are and aren’t actually writing about, to what degree their arguments/opinions are mockable, who is actually funding them and whether any of them have souls,” she tells us. “I also have high hopes for dominating an upcoming ‘beer issue’ we have planned, but I don’t expect to be writing about tampon snafus or anything like that.” Good luck, Moe! We promise we here at Daily Intel have souls!