Muslim Miss USA Takes Decidely Pageant-y Position on Ground Zero Mosque


Of all the people who have been offering their opinions about the ground zero mosque, Rima Fakih, who is (as far as anyone knows) the first Arab or Muslim Miss USA, is actually kind of an interesting person to ask about it. She’s a “prominent” Muslim, at least for the dozens of people who follow the Miss USA pageant, so you might assume that she would stick up for her fellow Muslims and their right to build a mosque without being conflated with terrorists. But she doesn’t.

I totally agree with President Obama regarding freedom of religion,” the former Miss Michigan said while rehearsing for the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas.

This is actually the position that everyone from Harry Reid to Howard Dean to Sarah Palin to George Pataki has taken. In the confines of this debate, it is the broad middle ground, somewhere between “The 9/11 families can kiss my ass!” and “Mosques are evil!” In other words, it’s exactly the position that you would expect a pageant contestant to take. Especially one who’s competing for the Miss Universe crown in three days!

Miss USA Rima Fakih discusses mosque near Ground Zero [Freep]

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