Naomi Campell Tells War Tribunal She’s Unsure About the Origins of ‘Dirty Looking Stones’


Wearing an “evil-eye” necklace, Naomi Campbell testified at a war-crimes tribunal for former Liberian leader Charles Taylor at the Hague today about whether she received blood diamonds after a 1997 dinner party hosted by Nelson Mandela. Campbell testified that after the party, two black men came to her door in the middle of the night with a pouch. “I saw a few stones in there. And they were small, dirty-looking stones.”At breakfast, either Mia Farrow or Campbell’s agent told her they might be a gift from Taylor. She then gave them to the director of Nelson Mandela’s children’s charity, who cannot be found. Campbell explained her reluctance to testify: “This is someone that I read up on the Internet that killed thousands of people supposedly and I don’t want my family in any danger in any way.”

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