Police Probing Tenjune for Details Into Nicole John’s Alleged Underage Drinking


Tenjune, the meatpacking district club where 17-year-old ambassador’s daughter Nicole John allegedly got drunk before falling from the 22nd floor of a Herald Square luxury apartment building later that night, is now the focus of a criminal probe by the Manhattan D.A.’s Office. Investigators plan to interview Tenjune’s owners, bartenders, cocktail waitresses, and bouncers about “how John was allowed entry to the hotspot with a bogus ID and what she did while inside the club,” the Post reports. Criminal charges against the club and its staff could range from serving alcohol to a minor to involuntary manslaughter. Tenjune owner Eugene Remm has already booked it out of town on an alleged “business trip,” however.

Past incidents don’t bode well for Tenjune: Remember 2006? Chelsea club Guest House underwent a similar investigation when a New Jersey teen was killed after leaving the club intoxicated, and Guest House ended up shuttering shortly thereafter.

DA puts heat on ‘plummet’ gal’s hotspot [NYP]