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medical oddities

NPR’s Tasteful Take on Things Doctors Remove From Inside Patients

It's difficult to discuss what doctors remove from their patients' body cavities without getting a little dirty. But NPR manages to do a bang-up job. Heck, they didn't even use the word rectal. The story developed from a post on Sermo, a website for doctors, about the strangest things they've been forced to extract, from a notebook (spiral-bound, of course) to a cigarette lighter, and, naturally, a gerbil. NPR's favorite item: "As a psychiatrist the only thing I 'remove' are neuroses." Intel's favorite item: "Real string of pearls knotted in bladder. (50 [year-old] diabetic and his mother's pearls.)" Passive-Aggressive Notes, the medical edition.

Remove This: Medical Tales Of Strangest Objects Found In Patients [NPR]

Photo: Photo: Andriy Titov/iStockphoto