One Reason for Liberals to Love Vile Nativist Tom Tancredo


It’s a problem facing Republicans in races around the country this year — the tea-party spoiler. See, the passion of the tea-party movement can be great for the Republicans when it’s channeled into supporting a Republican candidate. But when someone from the far-right decides to run as a third-party candidate because, say, they don’t think the Republican candidate is a “pure” conservative, that spells big trouble for the GOP. Take, for example, the case of failed presidential candidate, former congressman, and unabashed xenophobe Tom Tancredo.

Before he entered the race for Colorado governor last week, Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper was facing a toss-up race against either of his potential Republican rivals. But now that Tancredo has joined the race as a candidate of the American Constitution Party, polls show that the conservative vote has been split almost down the middle, providing Hickenlooper with an easy victory. Good work, Tancredo!

SurveyUSA Poll: Tancredo Tanking GOP’s Chances In CO-GOV Race [TPM DC]