Protesters Object to Mayor Bloomberg, Perpetrator of the Goose Genocide


People are not standing idly by on Mayor Bloomberg’s us-versus-them policy toward the gassing of the geese. In fact, they’re making it personal. A rally formed outside the mayor’s townhouse Monday night with 50 protesters chanting, “Goose killer, leave town!” Yancey Roy, a spokesman for the State Department of Environmental Conversation, gave it the ol’ there’s-nothing-to-see-here-folks try: “There’s no plan to drastically reduce the geese population right away. We’re talking long term, through management of the hunting season.” But there’s no denying that 400 geese were slaughtered in Prospect Park and Bloomberg must have his day of reckoning. “There is no excuse for killing,” said Roxanne Delgado, one of the protesters. One sign implored, “Give Geese A Chance.”

Protesters rally outside Mayor Bloomberg’s townhouse for greasin’ geese [NYDN]