Queens High School Superintendent and Principal Live Out Plot of Lifetime Movie


One has to be really careful with spying. It’s liable to amp up the sexiness quotient of a plain old illicit affair so quickly that it might just drive you a little bonkers. Take the case of Queens High Schools superintendent Francesca Peña and her subordinate Milciades “Mayo” Pepin, an assistant principal of Randolph High School in Manhattan. The two thought they could handle their initial forays into spying. Just a taste, they told themselves. As the Post reports, Pepin helped Peña install spyware on her husband’s phone in 2008.That alone could constitute criminal eavesdropping. And like all acts of sexy spying, it begat another. Peña, an eighteen-year veteran administrator, caught her husband cheating, then started an affair with Pepin. But just a simple, sordid tale of supervisor-subordinate love was no longer enough for Pepin.

Investigators found Pepin had used hidden software to spy on the e-mails and smartphones of Peña and three male principals whom he saw as competition, including his superior at Randolph, principal Henry Rubio. The probe started after Rubio noticed Pepin’s erratic behavior. The investigation turned up e-mails from Pepin to Rubio alluding to a “love triangle,” which Rubio and Peña both deny. “This had bizarre aspects to it,” Richard Condon, special commissioner of investigation. Sexy, bizarre aspects, no doubt.

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