Sun Myung Moon Reportedly Considering Handing off Washington Times to His Son’s Sworn Enemy


After a year of layoffs and mounting debt for the Washington Times, and even the discovery of an actual snake in a meeting room, Times owner Preston Moon reportedly threatened to shut down the broadsheet altogether last week. This week, however, Preston’s mortal enemy, Dong Moon Joo, has entered the picture. He’s the former Times chairman who was ousted last year. Bear with us, now: Dong is leading a bid to buy the paper on behalf of Reverend Moon, the founder of the Times who is Preston Moon’s own father. Reverend Moon handed the company off to Preston four years ago.

The idea is that Moon wants the paper back and wants Mr. Joo to run it,” [Someone whose last name is not Moon] said. “That’s what the whole game is about. The old man trusts Joo.” Sutherland said that Preston and Joo “don’t like each other at all. It’s a question of ego. If Joo ends up with the paper, it’s a slap in the face to Preston.”

Talk about a snake found slithering in a meeting room! Your own father. Moons.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon said to be considering buying back Washington Times [WP]
Editor: Deal in works to sell The Washington Time [AP]