Robber Makes One Mistake in Otherwise Flawless Theft of Security Camera


Stolen mail isn’t what it used to be, Amado Cintron thought to himself as he pried open two mailboxes in an apartment building in Bushwick on a recent Wednesday afternoon. The credit-card companies aren’t as good about sending cards out willy-nilly anymore, and even grandmas seem to have wised up to the fact that you shouldn’t put cash in the mail. At best, you end up with some Netflix and a few coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond. Bo-ring. Then, Amado looked up, his shifty eyes catching the security camera. Now THAT would be worth something, he thought to himself. Sweltering in the midday heat, he removed his shirt and, MacGuyver-like, hopped up and used the tools he had brought to pry the camera off its mount. It came off fairly easily, Amado was pleased to see. He hopped back down triumphantly. He was a genius, he thought to himself as he removed the camera’s tape — on which cops would later see Amado and the two large angel tattoos on his back that identify the already convicted felon as such, committing two kinds of crimes— set it to one side (because who needs an old, used tape?), and went on his way.

Police Blotter [NYPD Blotter/NYP]