Sarah Palin Wishes Scott Brown Were a Better Representative of Alaska, or Something


Alaskan political celebrity person Sarah Palin said on TV yesterday that while people in Massachusetts may “put up with” the “antics” of Scott Brown — which we take to mean his record of voting with the Republican Party only 82 percent of the time — Alaskans “wouldn’t stand for that” because they have “an expectation that our representatives in D.C. will respect the will of the people.” The idea that Brown’s relative moderateness and willingness to sometimes vote with the Democrats is tantamount to disrespecting the will of the people is interesting, since “the people” who elected Brown are actually very happy with the job he’s doing — a late-June poll pegged Brown’s approval rating at 55 percent positive to only 18 percent negative. Even a plurality of Democrats approve of his job performance so far. In other words, in Massachusetts, Brown’s so-called “antics” are actually him just being a good senator. So which group of people is Brown disrespecting? Alaskans? Sometimes Palin’s logic is just too complex.

Sarah Palin: We wouldn’t stand for Scott Brown in Alaska [44/WP]