Scientologist Infomercial King Has Some Strange Ideas About Fruit Juice, Dictionaries


Infomercial impresario Kevin Trudeau has yet to pay a penny of his $37.6 million fine to the FTC for deceptive TV commercials pitching medical cures and get-rich-quick schemes. But that doesn't mean he's not interested in helping you be your best. Take the lengthy memos he sent appreciative staffers over the years on topics like Policy #4: Fresh organic fruit and vegetable juice: "I am not going to order you to drink juice but you should consider drinking juice. I want to talk about why you should be drinking juice and then we're going to institute something that's very simple to make sure that it's available too [sic] everybody, every day if you so choose. It's your option."

Some other policies and the lessons you, too, can learn!

Policy #16: Clean desk policy

We all have the same energy. The only difference is being able to focus it. Example: A light bulb is not going to hurt us. If you stand underneath it for five days, nothing is going to happen to you. If you take the exact same light and add nothing to it, but simply focus all of the light into a single beam, you will create a laser. That laser will put a hole in this tab, it is the same power, it is just focused. Our minds are the same way.

Lesson: Sometimes, a light bulb does want to hurt you.

Policy #8: Use dictionaries

Another interesting phenomena occurs when you read something and you bypass words you don't fully know the meaning of, without looking them up. You can become irritable, frustrated, and/or tired. Some people get confused and then just come to a grinding halt or stop what they are doing. They can't complete the cycle and finish it. So look words up!

Lesson: If you feel sleepy, read a dictionary!

Policy #20: Scientology and Dianetics

Keep in mind, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and many other celebrities and very wealthy people attribute their happiness and their success to these services

Lesson: What, John Travolta and Tom Cruise don't seem happy to you?

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