Sharron Angle Trying to Bring McCarthyism Back Into Style


The tea-party candidate, in a neck-and-neck battle with Harry Reid, agreed with a radio host last year who said that “we have domestic enemies … in the walls of the Senate and the Congress.” Yesterday, after the interview was unearthed just in time for a new Reid ad portraying Angle as “too extreme,” a different radio host gave Angle two opportunities to clarify whether she really believes that certain members of the Senate and Congress are purposefully trying to destroy the country from within (as opposed to, say, just doing what they think is right in a way Angle doesn’t agree with). She declined. No wonder 66 percent of the people who plan to vote for Angle say they wish the GOP had nominated someone else.

Sharron Angle twice refuses to disavow claim that there are “domestic enemies” in Congress [Plum Line/WP]