Sigh. Lindsay Lohan Is Coming to New York Again


We’ve only just recovered from watching Dina Lohan’s appearance on the Today show this morning, which had so many bizarre moments that you sort of have to watch it to wrap your mind around it — starting with when Matt Lauer asked if Lindsay deserved to be in jail and her mother said offhandedly, “not for this particular offense,” and then basically every moment from there on. Now, we know, for example, that Lindsay is friends with a lot of “alleged murderers” and that her own mother doesn’t know how many times she’s been in rehab. But a major takeaway was the revelation that Lindsay will once again be leaving California and coming to New York City. For legal reasons: “California is a wonderful state, but in that world, it’s different there,” Dina explained. “It’s a different game you play there, the court system and everything is a little different.” Um, how? Because you can’t really get the death penalty here?

We jest. But seriously, just a word of advice to any recovering addict: They don’t call New York “The City That Never Sleeps” because it’s hard to get cocaine here.

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