Six Cities Worse Than New York in Terms of Bedbugs, Most Other Things


By all accounts, it appears as though the great bedbug infestation of our time in upon us. These nuisances are said to afflict one out of every ten New Yorkers, and have spread to movie theaters, the Elle office, the Soho Hollister, the Brooklyn D.A.’s office, the fratty confines of the South Street Seaport Abercrombie, and even a threatened landmark of our skyline, the Empire State Building. But could the New York City Bedbug Takeover of 2010 actually be worse in other places?

Apparently so. The Daily Beast reached out to the pest-control company Orkin to find which American cities had the most bedbug treatments from January 2008 to July 2010, and New York ended up at No. 7, so maybe it’s time to cool it on the citywide panic. Here’s the full list:

#1. Cincinnati, Ohio

#2. Columbus, Ohio

#3. Chicago, Illinois

#4. Denver, Colorado

#5. Detroit, Michigan

#6. Washington, D.C.

#7. New York, New York

#8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#9. Dayton, Ohio

That’s right. There are three cities from Ohio on the list, including the top two. And just when you thought living in the Midwest couldn’t get any worse!

America’s 10 Most Bedbug-Infested Cities [Daily Beast]