Someone Is Buying Leona Helmsley’s Home for a Slight Discount


After Leona Helmsley’s death in 2007, her Greenwich, Connecticut, mansion Dunnellen Hall remained empty, and lingered, moldering, on the market. Despite needing substantial repairs, it was quite the property: twenty-six rooms, 40 acres of land, views of Long Island Sound, a 52-foot indoor pool, koi pond, and waterfall, a theater, two tennis courts, and a couple of guest houses. Purchased by Leona and her husband, Harry, in 1983 for $11 million, it was originally listed for a whopping $125 million. But then the real-estate market collapsed, and budget-busting name properties like Dunnellen Hall were no longer trendy to buy. The price was chopped first to $95 million, and then to $75 and later $60. Now, the Post reports that a buyer is negotiating to buy it for $55 million. That’s still an astronomical price, but when you realize that it’s actually a $70 million discount, it kinda seems like a bargain, doesn’t it?

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