Stripper ‘Pretty Much’ Proves Goldman Did Her Wrong on YouTube


Carrianne Howard, the would-be video-game designer who told Bloomberg that she was forced to turn to stripping after receiving a subpar education from vaguely- Goldman Sachs–backed Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale last week, has taken to the boudoir in which she presumably films her sexy web chats in order to make a series of YouTube videos that "pretty much make a rebuttal" to the nasty commenters that accused her of being a gold-digging attention-seeker. In the second installment of what Carriane indicates will be an ongoing series that will eventually showcase her artwork, among other things, she presents various papers and degrees from the Art Institute to make her case. "I did very well at the Art Institute," she notes.

I got a 3.8 GPA. Ummmm here is a letter? That I received from the President of the University at the time? His name is William S Kalaboke--I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right, it's Kala...

This goes on for like ten more minutes. Fine, Carriane, you got us this time. But who are you going to blame for giving you that hair swoop?