Subway Pusher Was One of the Quiet Ones


Yesterday, we were alarmed to discover a man, for seemingly no reason at all, had actually pushed a lady into an oncoming subway. (And since later we were equally alarmed to learn that a runaway train in London without a driver blew by six stops, we avoided the F altogether last night.) What kind of lunatic would do such a thing? Apparently an ordinary line cook at Cipriani, prone to getting drunk and proclaiming himself a terrorist.

Is that shocking? Isn’t it always the quiet ones? Well, Rojas, who worked at Cipriani for a year with no disciplinary record, is now charged with attempted murder, and he wasn’t quiet all the time, actually: “At the time of his arrest, he told cops, ‘My name is Osama bin Laden! Fuck you!’”

’Subway ‘push fiend’ a cook at Cipriani’ [NYP]