Subway Pusher Was One of the Quiet Ones


Yesterday, we were alarmed to discover a man, for seemingly no reason at all, had actually pushed a lady into an oncoming subway. (And since later we were equally alarmed to learn that a runaway train in London without a driver blew by six stops, we avoided the F altogether last night.) What kind of lunatic would do such a thing? Apparently an ordinary line cook at Cipriani, prone to getting drunk and proclaiming himself a terrorist.

"'We're really quite shocked. He's a nice guy. Always very quiet,' one manager, who asked his name not be used, said of suspect Jose Rojas.

Is that shocking? Isn't it always the quiet ones? Well, Rojas, who worked at Cipriani for a year with no disciplinary record, is now charged with attempted murder, and he wasn't quiet all the time, actually: "At the time of his arrest, he told cops, 'My name is Osama bin Laden! Fuck you!'"

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