Subway Rides to Presumably Come With Free Foot Rub, Glass of Champagne


The MTA, in the fine print of its public notices announcing upcoming hearings on fare increases, has revealed that it is considering jacking up the cost of monthly unlimited subway cards not to $99 or $104, as previously reported, but all the way to $130. A weekly could shoot up to $38 from $27, while a single fare could be raised by a quarter to $2.50. The shocking 46 percent increase for an unlimited monthly (compared to the current price of $89) had been briefly discussed last month, but now it’s an official threat that could potentially actually happen. Or will it?

Leading up to previous fare and toll hikes, the MTA printed public hearing notices with ranges of increases far wider than previously outlined. Ultimately, the board didn’t adopt the much higher hikes.

Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign said it’s all part of the fare-hike “game.”

Psshh. Stupid MTA, thinking they can manipulate us into … PLEASE DON’T GO TO $130, we can’t afford it, please please please, we won’t ever complain about your illogical limited unlimited plan ever again, PLEASE!!!

Riders stunned as MTA releases plan for whopping $130 monthly MetroCard [NYDN]