We Have Found a Celebrity Spokesman for the Fartmobile


Ever mindful of the environment, Daily Intel decided, upon invitation to a screening of new Showtime show The Big C at Donna Karan’s home in the Hamptons this past weekend, to take it upon ourselves to find a celebrity spokesman for the BioBug, or as we call it, the Fartmobile, the car that runs on biofuel made from human waste, recently unveiled by a British company. After all, the Prius has Leo, Tesla has David Letterman — who will stick up for poop? After being given the runaround by several well-known celebrities who profess to be ecominded (“It’s a good idea in some ways, but gross,” said Matthew Broderick; “I maybe wouldn’t be offended to drive in one,” added his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker), we found our man in the show’s charming star, Mark Ruffalo. “I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard,” he told us. Would he drive one? “Hell yeah, I’d drive it.” BioBug, you are welcome.

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