The Feds Go After Madoff’s Office Manager for an Additional $2 Million


Federal prosecutors filed an amended lawsuit to foreclose on another $2 million in assets in Annette Bongiorno’s name. Bongiorno, Bernie Madoff’s former office manager who faces no criminal charges, was served the suit in June alleging that $3 million in assets in her possession could be traced back to Madoff’s $68 billion Ponzi scheme. Today the U.S. attorney general is taking aim at a Colonial-style home on Long Island that was purchased for $1.4 million in 2000, a lakeside home near Boca Raton, and a country-club membership that ran Bongiorno and her husband $862,000 in 1995. The properties will be auctioned off and the proceeds used to pay back Madoff’s victims. [NYP]