The Great Length of Hillary Clinton’s Hair Discussed at Great Length


The Washington Post devoted over 1,000 words to Hillary Clinton Sunday. While that in of itself is not out of the ordinary, the specific topic discussed in this piece certainly is: her … hair. Arguing that her current hairstyle serves as “further proof that women do not have to kowtow to expectations, rules of thumb or other quietly bullying cultural assumptions,” the Post examines the recent “fashion statement” the secretary of State has made in growing out her hair, after years and years of maintaining a shorter bob.

Clinton is described as something of a “rule breaker” for defying the status quo in Washington that women past 50 are meant to cut their hair: “Clinton’s hair, now creeping toward below-the-shoulders territory, is practically radical for Washington’s seasoned female power elite,” the paper posits. Yet, it’s argued that her decision is less about making a statement and more about, well, comfort.

The paper notes that Clinton herself has never been interested in discussing the significance of any given hairstyle she sports. Well, Washington Post, you seem to be plenty interested for the both of you!

In her latest act of defiance, Hillary Rodham Clinton gets a new, longer hairdo [WP]