The Newest Obama Smear That People Supposedly Believe


As Carl Paladino comes up with a creative new way to question President Obama’s Christianity — he says Obama isn’t a practicing Christian in his heart because “he worships himself” — a Newsweek survey asks people whether they believe that Obama “sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world.” Apparently any “allegation” tossed out on an Internet comment board is now worthy of a national poll. But the results were startling. Of course a majority of Republicans thought it was probably or definitely true. The crazy thing, though, is that only 42 percent of Democrats were certain enough to say it’s “definitely not true,” with 37 percent saying it “probably” isn’t true. That is, a majority of Democrats are actually unsure as to whether the man they elected to uphold the Constitution might kind of prefer Sharia. That is just baffling.

Poll: Majority Of GOP Believes Obama Sympathizes With Islamic Fundamentalism, Wants Worldwide Islamic Law [HuffPo]