The Times Gets on the Hoarding Bandwagon


In a relatively touching story about an unidentified man in the Bronx who filled his apartment with so much junk he could barely move, the Times makes a nod toward our nation's growing fascination with hoarders. In this case, a company that takes on such cases adopted this one pro bono. They cleaned the apartment and supplied him with a new bed, even submitting to his careful requests of what he wanted to save. From the Times:

By 12:05 p.m., the apartment’s owner could enter the kitchen. He was pleased at the progress, but nervously checked each bag to make sure he was not losing things he needed. Among the items he insisted on keeping were a cotton candy machine, a toy trumpet, a near-life-size horse doll and a toilet seat decorated with seashells. “Sometimes I need stuff,” he explained.

Emphasis ours. We always knew this was how Kelly Killoren Bensimon was destined to end up.

In a Hoarder’s Home, Going All Out to Find the Floor [NYT]