Twifficiency Spammer Turns Out to Be An Emo 17-Year-Old


If you’ve been on Twitter today, your news feed was likely taken over by people declaring their Twifficiency rating, which claims to measure your efficiency on Twitter. Here’s an unsolicited tip: If you’re worried about efficiency, stay off Twitter. First it was mildly annoying (why is this nonsense a trending topic?). Then things got spammy as users quickly realized their scores were being tweeted without their permission. The mastermind behind the whole thing turned out to be a 17-year-old IT developer from Dundee, Scotland, named James Cunningham. And, like a teenager, he was pretty emo about the whole thing. “It wasnt mean [sic] to be used by this many people. Nothing I do ever catches on so it wasnt a concern,” he tweeted. Don’t be so glum, James. This might end up earning you a job in the highly specialized field of social media.

Twifficiency: A hard lesson in how business news travels fast [Business Zone UK]