What, According to the New Logo TV Show, Is the Gay A-List?


According to the new trailer for the Logo TV show The A-List, this is what it means to be on New York City’s own gay A-list. You are:

” … at the finest restaurants or at the best shows”
” … Out in the Hamptons every weekend”

Being on the list means 

” … getting whatever you want when you want it.”
” … only dating “power gays, tastemakers, socialites … “
” … and having “a personal designer on speed dial.”

You see, the A-List is “very fickle, one minute you’re on it and the next minute you’re off.” And it “doesn’t have to do with money, it has to do with access.” Except it’s also “a crowded room” and “if you don’t have a pot to piss in, you probably shouldn’t be there.”

In addition, being on it presumably involves getting vomited on — like strawberry-muscle-shake-from-Equinox-projectile-vomited-on — pretty much wherever you go.

Or at least it will when this show premieres.