Woman Busted for Stealing $20, Shoving It Up Butt


Let’s count the disgusting words and images from this bit of an entry in the Post’s (brilliant as always) police blotter:

Nakia Shaw, 28, strolled into the Golden Crust restaurant at White Plains Road and Allerton Avenue Tuesday at 8:45 a.m., barked “Give me that money!” at a customer, grabbed a bill from her and fled, cops said. The victim chased the thief into an apartment building, sources said. Police grabbed Shaw, who admitted she had the money, then yanked the bill and the pipes containing a tar-like substance from her rear, authorities said.

We count four: (1) “Tar-like substance,” (2) “From her rear,” (3) “Yanked,” and (4) “Golden Crust.”

NYPD Daily Blotter [NYPD Blotter/NYP]

We count four: (1) “Tar-like substance,” (2) “From her rear,” (3) “Yanked,” and (4) “Golden Crust.”

NYPD Daily Blotter [NYPD Blotter/NYP]