All the Single Ladies ... Are Closing the Paycheck Gap


In 2008, the median pay for women lagged 22 percent behind the median pay for men — and the numbers haven’t changed much in decades. But one subset of the American female population has not only caught up to their male counterparts, but they’re also beating them. Single women under the age of 30 without children now have an 8 percent income lead over men in the same age group. The data comes from a private research firm called Reach Advisors, which analyzed Census data in the country’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. In some cities, women under 30 made as much as 21 percent more. This is good news, twentysomething ladies! Now, all you have to do is never age, give up on love, keep sterile, and you’ll keep making guap.

Are women really closing the paycheck gender gap? [Reuters via peHUB]