Americans Lack Hope, Say President Obama Hasn’t Changed Anything


If “hope and change” was the mantra of the 2008 election, this year’s might be “pessimism and … whatever.” Sixty-five percent of Americans feel that the nation is in a “state of decline,” according to the new NBCWall Street Journal poll, while 66 percent don’t feel confident that their children’s future will be better than their own. Meanwhile, only 26 percent expect the economy to improve over the next twelve months. Hope? Nope.

How about “change”? For the first time ever, the ABC News–Washington Post poll measures a majority who think President Obama “has not brought needed change to Washington.” But even so, voters aren’t too excited about the change in congressional leadership that they’re now expected to usher in at the polls:

[V]oters are just as unenthusiastic about Republican incumbents. Barely 31 percent of all voters and independents alike say most GOP lawmakers have earned another term.

Pessimism and … whatever! Yes we can Bleh.

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