Analysts Analyze Wall Street 2: ‘No One Wears Pocket Squares’


Unsurprisingly, the anonymous twentysomething analysts asked by DealBook to assess the realness of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 quibbled with a number of things, including the characters’ clothes (“No one wears pocket squares”), the main character Jake’s job (“He was supposedly an energy trader, but he was making private-equity investments while trading stocks”), and his particular form of idealism (“The whole thing was an Ivy League liberal’s fantasy,” says one Credit Suisse analyst, “I’m going to go to Wall Street and solve the world’s energy problems while riding expensive motorcycles and having sex with a semi-attractive woman in my TriBeCa loft”). Their conversation also highlights some real cultural differences between their own banks: “I thought the percentage of scenes that Jake wasn’t in the office was way off,” notes a Goldman analyst, while Bank of America’s avatar accidentally reveals that the company is run entirely by secretaries and junior employees.

That sounds realistic.

How Real Is ‘Wall Street’ Sequel? [DealBook/NYT]