Andrea Peyser: It’s Ines Sainz’s Fault She Was ‘Sexually Harassed’ by Jets Players


We just want to get this on the record here: Post columnist Andrea Peyser, in a column about the alleged harassment of TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz in the Jets locker room today, thinks she is a “victim” in air quotes only. By wearing tight clothes and having competed in the Miss Universe Pageant, Sainz is “an embarrassment to journalists, to women and to the overgrown sandbox of professional football.” “All bets were off the minute Sainz declared herself ‘the hottest sports reporter in Mexico,’” Peyser wrote. “This calls into question exactly what she’s selling — her sweat and hard work, or her body parts.” Nothing wrong with having an opinion — and a lot of people probably would agree with her. But let’s look at that thought process: Peyser is saying that it is the woman’s responsibility to cover up because a man should not be required to have to control himself around her if her figure is in full view. You know who effectively solved that problem? The Taliban, with their infamous chadri. Just remember that next time Andrea Peyser rails against the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” and the type of radical Islam that, in her mind, makes it okay for Americans to tell peace-loving Muslims where they can and cannot build a community center.

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