Neil Barofsky Only Floyd Fan in the Treasury?


Duff McDonald makes this bold assertion in NYU Law School's alumni magazine this month, noting that the SIGTARP head and noted badass has an "insatiable desire to see live music":

"his tastes in which run from classic rock — Barofsky is probably one of the few people working in the Treasury Department today who saw Pink Floyd play “The Great Gig in the Sky” at Yankee Stadium in June 1994 — to 1980s new wave band Echo and the Bunnymen. His favorite? “It changes every day,” says Barofsky. “But right now, I’m back to the Clash, otherwise known as the Greatest Rock Band of All Time.”

Geithner, et al., if you'd like to challenge this, we encourage you to put your lighters up.

The Man Following the Money [NYU Law]