Benjamin the Capuchin Found at a Home for Wayward Monkeys


Criminals, even adorable, fur-covered capuchin monkey criminals, eventually have to do their time. When we last saw Benjamin, the 17-year-old capuchin owned by painter Allen Hirsch, he was on the lam after biting the cheek of Parvin Hajihossini, one of the guests at Hirsch’s upstate New York B&B. Hajihossini, who has a scar on her face, is suing Hirsch for injuries. Now Benjamin’s turned up at the Jungle Friends habitat in Gainesville, Florida, which the Daily News describes as “a home for wayward monkeys.” Last month, while authorities were trying to hunt down his exotic pet to check for rabies, Hirsch was apparently with Benjamin at the sanctuary. What constitutes a “wayward” monkey? Apparently one that acts like a wild animal, even when it’s in a B&B. “It’s not a matter of if they’ll bite, it’s when,” says the owner of Jungle Friends. “I don’t know of any monkeys that don’t bite.” We will try very hard to remember this the next time we Google “sweet baby monkey + Brooklyn adoption counselor.”

Fugitive monkey that attacked Queens woman ‘retires’ to Florida [NYDN]